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Singlife allows you to open your account within minutes and get instant access to your insurance savings plan anytime via your Singlife Visa Debit Card. Through this application, you are exposed to multiple features such as managing your money, spending overseas using Singlife card and many more.

Our tech team is experienced in building products in compliance to government regulations for card-issuing companies.

Platform: iOS, Android
Main technology: React Native & AWS Lambda

Singlife developed by Rhino Partners
Singlife App developed by Rhino Partners Singlife App developed by Rhino Partners
Railsbank integrations built with Rhino Partners


Railsbank is a "Banking as a service" platform. Through API provided by Railsbank, third party API consumers can access complete range of services for their financial ecosystem while maintaining accounts, ledgers, and issue cards.

Rhino provides seamless API integrations for Railsbank with banks, financial institutions, and card issuers.

Our tech team are able to manage a high amount of transactions in every platform and set automated systems that can operate without manual technical assistance to make sure all features running smoothly in such high volume transaction.



Vuulr is a global online content marketplace for premium Film & TV content rights, connecting distributors, managing bidding and negotiations with buyers & sellers of content worldwide.

Rhino team built the Architectural design and have been building Vuulr product across multiple releases and featuresets.

Rhino built features to match demand and supply participants across multiple attributes. We also built a negotiation platform module where buyers and sellers can negotiate until the deal is settled. The signed agreement platform was built using Docusign customization that we have developed to comply with the government’s regulations.

Vuulr platform developed with Rhino Partners
Corner chat app developed by Rhino Partners Corner chat app developed by Rhino Partners Corner chat landing page developed by Rhino Partners


CornerChat is an app that allows cyclists to easily find a nearby bike shop, and connect with them to find out about the products and services offered.

Our goal is to build an interactive app experience that will help cyclists find the nearest bike shops.

Rhino built the mobile app and developed the directory and chatting service. The backend development was done using Ruby on Rails and Mobile app was built with Swift.

CornerChat application developed by Rhino Partners https://corner.chat/

VentureCap insights

VentureCap Insights platform developed with Rhino Partners

VentureCap Insights is a platform which provides the valuations, cap tables and financials for startups. Subscribers can see the amount invested by every investor at each round of every startup. VentureCap Insights lets you discover more startups, and learn much more about them and the ones already known. It provides a straight-forward, practical guide for analyzing companies across various stages of business maturity and industries. Also, get real benchmarks for valuations, and see how other investors' investments are performing. Unlike other platforms, VentureCap Insights displays up to date and accurate financial data with key factors such as revenue and valuations.

1. Development process

The first engagement was to have the key financial data to be displayed. Then later moved onto adding more features and functionalities which were more demanding from the customers such as fund performance, milestones as company news, emails of directors/founders, financial statements, audit opinion, and an API to request data from the VentureCap Insights. Twice or once a week, newly updated data is pushed to the site via running an algorithm incorporated with Algolia. Also, an access control list has to be built to push the customers to subscribe to the top pricing plans by limiting the access to some features only for specific subscription plans. As a result trail users also now have the functionality to access custom features upon request. A multiple login detection system had to build to track down the users who share their credentials.

Amidst all, the main scope is to deliver a robust and up to date platform with accurate financial data to the users and provide technical support when necessary.

Our team ensure the timely delivery of new features with the help of following services,

  • A. Wireframe Designing
  • B. Laravel Web Application Development
  • C. Algolia elastic search service
  • D. Custom report generation via MySQL
  • E. Integration and Handling of AWS services
  • F. Testing and quality assurance
  • G. Maintaining

2. Challenges and solutions

  • A. Dealing with third-party vendors such as Algolia and related dependency which create stress in achieving project timeline
  • B. Testing is solely based on personal Algolia accounts which has a very limited number of capacity which restricts the testing to a fraction of 3/28
  • C. Testing takes a long time as the updating data with Algolia in the local development environment is time-consuming
  • D. Complex data aggregation is not possible with Algolia
  • E. Algolia writes are expensive and also maintaining duplicate indexes (replicas for sorting)
  • F. For some tasks, brainstorming sessions are required for designing the best architectural and process flow.
  • G. Rare payment issues arise which we do not have any control of, from the development perspective.
  • H. A simple change in the excel sheet would require to clean the entire database and run the entire algorithm again.
Check the website here: https://www.venturecapinsights.com/