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Software Development and Data Science
for Fintech

Trusted implementation partner of the worlds leading fintech, digital banking/payments and insuretech platforms

We Have Worked With:


Software Development

API Development

API Integration

Mobile App Development

Prototype & Concept Development

Security & Compliance

Data Science

Data Engineering

Machine Learning


Customer Insight

Operational Analytics

Web Analytics

Data Visualisation

Natural Language Processing


Case Studies

With years of experience in software development and data science, we have helped deliver world-class solutions for Fintechs across the globe.


Why Sri Lanka

Effective Costs

Overheads such as office space, utilities, and infrastructure in Sri Lanka are considerably lower than in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Incredible Work Ethic

Sri Lankan staff are some of the most hard working, reliable and efficient team members on the planet.

High Level Of Education

We recruit only high achievers, so you work with the top engineers and data scientists who have graduated from Sri Lanka’s leading universities.

Rigorous Testing

Our recruits go through a rigorous screening and interviewing process where we test analytical skills, software engineering practices, knowledge in technologies, and also written and verbal communication skills.

What You Get


Transparent Collaboration

Honesty, transparency, and proactive feedback are just a few of the unique attributes of the high-performing team that will be working with you on your projects.


Exceptional Talent

Our team is built from talent and passion. We recruit and retain the best software developers so you don’t have to.


Focus On Your Strengths

No more administrative headaches! We help you stay focused on your core strengths by removing the administrative burdens of maintaining an offshore development team.


You’re In Charge

You stay in total control of how many team members you need, with no minimum volume requirements, allowing you to scale up or down as your project progresses.


Flexible Packages

Bespoke, tailored, complex solutions and analysis – whether on a retainer basis or ad hoc, you are in full control which one works best for you.

What Our Clients Say...

custom software development

Rhino Partners has played an instrumental role in our team since Vuulr started. In early 2018, Rhino’s remit was to establish a nimble engineering team and drive architecture that would last well into the future. We were impressed with Rhino’s ability to deliver our MVP in short order. Following the…

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Chris Drumgoole