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We provide high qualified tech-talents to support your business.
This includes remote staffing, and all the processes including planning, development and deployment to launch.

Better business, better tech-talents – we got you covered!

From software development, talent recruitment that is hard to find locally,
we can help you build better business by providing highly-qualified tech team.

What you get

Quick time to market

Quick time to market

Transparent Collaboration

Transparent Collaboration

Honesty, transparency, and proactive feedback are just a few unique attributes of our team.

Cost-effective cooperation

Access to pre-vetted tech-talents

Our team is built out of talent and passion. We recruit and retain the best talent.

No administrative burden

Stop dealing with administrative headaches. We help you stay competitive by removing many operational and administrative costs.

What our clients say...

Railsbank is "Banking as a service" product. They provide API for companies to have their own financial ecosystem while maintaining accounts, ledgers and issue cards. Rhino provides seamless API integrations for Railsbank with banks, financial institutions, and card issuers.

Logo of Railsbank

First debit card issuance platform for an insurer The Singlife app allows users to open and manage their account within minutes, and get instant access to your insurance savings plan anytime via your Singlife Visa Debit Card. Rhino built and managing the mobile app and backend transactions APIs

Logo of Singlife

Rhino Partners has played an instrumental part of our team since we Vuulr started. In early 2018, Rhino's remit was to establish a nimble engineering team and drive architecture that would last well into the future. We were impressed with Rhino's ability to deliver our MVP in short order.

Following the successful launch of the MVP, we steadily increased the team size, adapting to our ever-growing product needs. Structured as a staff augmentation, the Rhino team acts as an extension to our in-house product engineering team. Besides contributing to the continuous development of the platform, the Rhino team also plays a key role in the evolution of the technical architecture of the platform. This work allows us to take advantage of new evolving technologies that enhance resilience, scalability, and user experience.

Testament to Rhino's flexibility, attentiveness, and ability to source top-notch talent, we're excited to continue and grow this relationship for the considerable future.

— Chris Drumgoole —
Vuulr CTO
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