Chris Drumgoole

Vuulr CTO

Rhino Partners has played an instrumental role in our team since Vuulr started. In early 2018, Rhino’s remit was to establish a nimble engineering team and drive architecture that would last well into the future. We were impressed with Rhino’s ability to deliver our MVP in short order.

Following the successful launch of the MVP, we steadily increased the team size, adapting to our ever-growing product needs. Structured as staff-augmentation, the Rhino team acts as an extension to our in-house product engineering team. Besides contributing to the continuous development of the platform, Rhino team also plays a key role in the evolution of the technical architecture of the platform. This work allows us to take advantage of newly evolving technologies that enhance resilience, scalability, and user experience of our platform.

Testament to Rhino’s flexibility, attentiveness, and ability to source top-notch talent, we’re excited to continue and grow this relationship for the considerable future.